i am A parent who got a tuition break

i am A student who got an expedited passport

i am A child who gets bused to school

i am A professional who knows business halacha

i am championed by Agudah

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We connect Jewish Chicago and communities across the midwest with the amenities, resources & funds that advance Torah life — for all of us.


Taking care of the essentials, so you don’t have to

When our children need a space to play. When our streets need more security. When we need clarity about halacha, or a way to fulfill it. When our basic costs are too high. When employers challenge our way of life. When our values come under attack.

When there’s an issue you’re facing, but it’s too big to tackle on your own.

Agudah’s here —  Helping families. Supporting schools. Guiding communities.
Championing our way of life in Chicago and beyond.

For the community.

for you.


“I needed help with a legal issue, and they went above and beyond. My eyes were opened to the far-reaching concern that Agudah has for the community at large and for each individual.”


“I had no idea how much the Agudah was working to do for the community. Then as part of my school work, I saw how much effort they’re investing in different areas. I really appreciate it.”


“Agudah enabled my children to bus to school - but that’s not all they do. It’s really impressive how encompassing their services and political advocacy efforts are!”


"I’m constantly amazed at the new programming and funding opportunities. The leaders of Augudah are always trying to find new ways to help klal yisroel!”


"I’m always being serviced in an extra special way. Agudah makes me feel extra cared about in a community fashion.”

Be first to know about helpful programs, new funding opportunities, and what’s going on in our halls of government

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don’t wait for change.
create it.

Give — and open doors for our children, our community and our way of life